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Quick Deer Rescue Reunites Mother and Fawn [VIDEO]

Watch this deer rescue video as a fawn is saved from a window well.

This gentleman deserves some credit for bringing a doe and her young fawn back together.

Todd Dierdorff, a veteran living in Colorado Springs, stepped up when the deer was stuck in a window well, and posted the video to Facebook.

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The post quickly earned more than 10,000 shares on the social media outlet, and was even picked up by some news stations.

This is a good opportunity to remind all of us that the utmost care should be taken when interacting this closely with any kind of wildlife. It’s always best to enlist the help of experts, but when time is of the essence, people like Dierdorff are excused for their quick thinking.

How many fawns have you seen in your area this year?

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Quick Deer Rescue Reunites Mother and Fawn [VIDEO]