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Does This Qualify as the Most Unusual Revolver in History? [PICS]

Firearms History

We’ve all seen some weird firearms. But this revolver probably takes the cake.

At first glance, the Enouy revolver seems to be some kind of steampunk weapon with lots of imagination and little practical use. But this is a real firearm from the past, with a very interesting history.

The innovative Enouy revolver was patented by Joseph Enouy of Middlesex, England in 1855. A compound magazine wheel with eight different cylinders spun on a rod attached to the butt and a bracket from the underside of the revolver barrel. Each cylinder held six shots.

For those who hate math, that’s 48 shots. In one revolver.

Seems like it should have been a game-changer, right? Imagine having the ability to fire 48 shots in rapid succession in the 1800s. But look again at the design.

Firearms History

With that much metal, the revolver was very heavy and unbalanced, making accurate shots difficult at best. Additionally, the large compound magazine wheel made it impossible to carry in a holster, which meant you had to lug it around. For these reasons, the revolver was a flop. There are no records of it ever being manufactured or sold commercially.

But you’ve got to hand it to Joseph Enouy for creativity.

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Does This Qualify as the Most Unusual Revolver in History? [PICS]