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Quad Barreled Shotgun Prepares You for the Zombie Apocalypse

DP12 Quad Barrel Shotgun

Why bother with pumps or limited round tube magazines. This quad barreled shotty gets the job done fast.

The guys at Full-Mag thought outside of the box when attempting to build a possible shotgun platform that could work. We’ve already seen have double barreled 1911s, double barreled AR15s, and the popular DP12 Shotgun is definitely on the radar for a lot of potential new buyers.

The first two rounds are quickly fired from the DP12 Shotgun chassis. The two side shotguns (both Remington 870s) add two additional shots fairly quickly. There is no other shotgun in the world that can fire four rounds simultaneously without being semi-automatic and single barreled.

This rifle build is exploratory, but so were the other double-barreled weapons that have gone into full production. Running with the idea that Full-Mag has invented, I can definitely see this quad barrel shotgun being mountable to a vehicle or even helicopter for the next level entertainment.

I can’t imagine the accuracy would be relevant especially for the two shotguns on the sides. The DP12 double barrels are as close to accurate as you’re going to get. However, if you simply intend on peppering your target, these four barrels will definitely get the job done.

Great innovation by the guys at Full-Mag, hopefully we can see them shoot some slugs at some thermite next.



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Quad Barreled Shotgun Prepares You for the Zombie Apocalypse