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The QDMA Takes Mannequin Challenge to the Next Level

mannequin challenge

The QDMA represents hunters in successful mannequin challenge. 

The Quality Deer Management Association decided to participate in the latest fad by doing its own version of the mannequin challenge in the outdoors.

The QDMA represents deer hunters and land managers in this comical rendition. The video takes place at the QDMA national headquarters with hunters scouting from an erected blind, checking trail cameras and participating in a QDM Cooperative.

The mannequin challenge exploded recently when different social media users uploaded a video of themselves in a frozen scene of their choosing. Many are calling it the next "Ice Bucket Challenge".

Similarly, the Quality Deer Management Association is a great resource for many of the concepts represented in the video. The association strives to educate deer hunters about a vast array of deer-related strategies and practices.

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The QDMA Takes Mannequin Challenge to the Next Level