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Q&A with Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights

The National Association for Gun Rights works to protect the Second Amendment rights of Americans.


The shooting world has seen a lot in the last several years, and changes are no doubt occurring with more on the horizon.

The changes aren’t only taking place in court houses and legislative meetings, but inside the psyche of Americans across the nation. What it means to be a gun owner is different for everybody, but one non-profit organization is trying to unify the voice, and protect the rights we have as citizens of this country.

The National Association for Gun Rights and its president, Dudley Brown, pride themselves as the only no-compromise defenders of the guaranteed right to keep and bear arms. Brown recently responded to some questions of ours about the organization, the state of gun rights in the U.S., and the importance of firearm safety and education.

Wide Open Spaces: How was the National Association for Gun Rights formed, and in what ways has it changed from the early days?

Dudley Brown: NAGR was formed in the early 2000s to protect gun owners from any infringement on our Second Amendment rights. We are a no-compromise, pro-gun group working to pass pro-gun legislation and repeal and block anti-gun legislation.

WOS: Has the gun rights activist movement ever faced such tough opposition as it has in recent years?

DB: Last year, NAGR faced off against the Obama administration’s push for expanded federal background checks, the Feinstein assault weapons ban, ammo magazine restrictions and more. We were able to defeat all of these bills through the political pressure of our grassroots members bombarding Capitol Hill against any infringement to our Second Amendment rights.

WOS: What is the NAGR doing to work against this opposition?

DB: NAGR is a grassroots organization, directly alerting members and supports across the country to legislation that affects them.  Once we inform our members and supporters of how the legislation will affect them, we urge them to take action by contacting their representatives regarding the bill. This political pressure put on legislators, through phone calls, emails, petitions, faxes and mail is how we were able to defeat last year’s raft of gun control bills.

WOS: What does the NAGR do to help encourage firearms education?

DB: NAGR’s firearm instructor teaches safety classes, from concealed carry permit classes to advanced training. We also post our instructor’s safety videos on our YouTube channel.

WOS: In what ways does the NAGR use online and social media outlets to pass on its message, collaborate and ultimately complete its mission? What about more traditional, grassroots methods?

DB: NAGR builds grassroots support through our website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. We also reach out to our grassroots members through email, direct letters and phone calls.

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For more on the National Association for Gun Rights, visit their website and follow them on Facebook.

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Q&A with Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights