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Python Snake Relaxes On Australian Woman’s Couch [VIDEO]

Vivienne Le Cerf and 9 News

What would you do if you came home to an 11-foot python snake snoozing on your couch? 

Consistently listed on top 10 phobias, the fear of snakes (Ophiophobia) is all too real when confronted by an 11 -foot python hanging out on your couch.


Vivienne Le Cerf, a doctor from New South Wales commented in an interview with 9 News Australia that it isn’t even the first time this has happened.

Heavy rains in the Aussie coastal areas often cause these gigantic slithering creatures to seek refuge in the comfort of homes. The Australian carpet python snake can grow up to 11 ½ feet long and feeds on mammals and birds. It is non-venomous according to the Australian Zoo, and completely harmless.

According to Animal Planet, a rattlesnake, which is more indigenous to the United States, is the largest venomous snake in the continental U.S. boasting up to eight feet in length.

Le Cerf stated in her interview that she had previously walked outside to discover a couple of python snakes entangled in an erotic coil hanging from the rafters. The report from 9 News quoted Le Cerf after her discovery of the new house guests: “I texted my husband and said, ‘Come home, there are two snakes having sex on the veranda.”

How snakes have sex, I don’t care to know; just keep them out of my house!

snakes in rafter
Just remember the next time you encounter a hairy rat and squeal in fear: that little rodent is this snake’s dinner.

Don’t most enjoy a little nap on the couch afterwards?

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Python Snake Relaxes On Australian Woman’s Couch [VIDEO]