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Python Devours Impala in Amazing Video

python devour

It is not everyday that you get to actually see a python devour it's prey.

Pythons, and big snakes in general, are very interesting creatures. We have a general idea what they are capable of but it is still amazing every time we see a python devour its prey.

Recently Discovery Channel aired a documentary on an anaconda eating a human which turned out to be a flop, but this video footage from Kenya shows how a python devours its prey, which in this case is an impala.

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Even though this video catching a python devour its prey may not be as dramatic as you might have hoped, it still shows the awesome capabilities of the animal.

As the python devours the impala you can see how much power it has in its jaws and how huge the impala is when it is already in the stomach of the snake.

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Python Devours Impala in Amazing Video