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Putting the Shotgun vs. Tire Myth to the Test


Can a shotgun blast to the getaway car in a car chase really puncture the tire? Let’s find out.

It is a common scene in many movies and TV shows. The good guys are chasing (or being chased by) the bad guys in cars. Just before they can get away, the hero grabs a shotgun, makes a perfect shot to a tire, and the other car spins out or crashes to a halt.

While that looks awesome on screen, is it really possible in real life using real-world equipment? Demolition Ranch put one version of this myth to the test using a 12 GA shotgun commonly used by law enforcement and firing number 8 birdshot.

Find out what happened below.

After testing at various ranges, none of the birdshot did much damage to the tire at all. While this was only a test on a stationary tire with the shots being fired at the thick tread side of the tire, it is still a decent indicator that number 8 birdshot is not going to be stopping any high speed chases anytime soon.

If you ever find yourself in an action movie scenario and a high speed chase, good, old buckshot in your shotgun is the way to go!


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Putting the Shotgun vs. Tire Myth to the Test