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Put Down the Selfie Stick and Pay Attention to Your Outboard [VIDEO]

Trends come and go, but some of them seem to last a little longer than they should.

These days we all take pictures with our cell phones, and many of us have a selfie we use on our social media site of choice.

Fishermen love to send shots of their best catches to their friends and family members, and many times they take selfies with their fish.

But some people take this deal a little further and want to take constant footage or even use selfie sticks to get different shots.

I do not however recommend doing what this boater did. However if you must, a very good insurance plan is probably a good idea.

This is one of those classic helpless moments. Motor gone – done deal; and in seconds.

But his attention was divided and he didn’t even realize he was starting to lose control, weaving back and forth at considerable speed. He’s actually lucky he didn’t spin or flip the boat rocking that tiller back and forth like that. Of course if he’d spun and been thrown, well just imagine the selfie stick shot…

I think all of us have a responsibility to make sure we don’t allow folks to ride around doing this. If you see this taking place you should stop the boater and quickly board their vessel. Teach them a lesson by taking all their sandwiches and drinks, and then show them this video.

I have to give it to him though. I thought he’d pitch the camera and stick into the water after he realized what he’d done.

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Put Down the Selfie Stick and Pay Attention to Your Outboard [VIDEO]