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Put Motion in Your Decoy Spreads to Get the Edge for Duck Hunting

Beretta Xtreme Flyways talks how to put motion in your decoy spreads as a must-do to get the birds landing where you want them.

Put motion in your decoy spreads, especially for public land hunting, because ducks that don't see movement are going to flare and go to someone else's setup farther down the marsh.

The vortex rig, wing-spinning ducks and jerk strings: there are a whole lot of ways to put motion in your decoy spreads. If you are lucky enough to have private land to hunt you are laughing as you can setup elaborate motion inducing gear and leave it in place for successive duck hunts.

If you are like me, with all your hunting on public land, you can still add excellent motion enhancement to your decoys. I use spinning wing Mojos and add a jerk string to four decoys and I have all the motion I need. My one tip is to make sure you have a good and portable protective case for your spinning wing ducks, with a spare battery and extra wings for any marsh mishaps. I use a Pelican case to protect my Mojos and it also doubles as a table or seat. For a jerk rig just a bit of bungee cord, an anchor system and some nylon type parachute cord and you are all set.

Put more movement to your decoys this fall and watch the difference in hunting success; especially when hunting that more pressured public land.


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Put Motion in Your Decoy Spreads to Get the Edge for Duck Hunting