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How to Put a Commercial Boat Survival Suit on in 60 seconds [VIDEO]

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National Geographic

Could you throw on a survival suit and abandon ship in 60 seconds?

A real danger many commercial boats face is the need to abandon ship quickly in the event of a disaster. If the time ever comes that someone onboard needs to jump into those frigid waters they have the aid of special survival suits.

These tight-fitting, waterproof suits insulate the body to prevent hypothermia and help them stay afloat until rescue teams arrive.

The standard time for someone to put one of these survival suits on and jump ship is 60 seconds or less.

Watch Captain Greg Mayer from “Wicked Tuna” demonstrates the best way to quickly don the suit and plunge in the water.

Although he was a little over 60 seconds I guess we can let him slide with a pass. After all, he was trying to talk at the same time.

I couldn’t imagine trying to get one of those on in that amount of time as tight as that thing looks. You almost need to be a contortionist to get that last arm in the sleeve.

Just makes you wonder how many times they have to do that to be able to pass this test.

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How to Put a Commercial Boat Survival Suit on in 60 seconds [VIDEO]