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Push-Up Contest with Cameron Hanes [VIDEO]

Would you enter a push-up contest against Cameron Hanes?

Mathew Davis, a Hoyt customer service representative, did just that at the 2014 Archery Trade Association show in Nashville, Tennessee.

Cameron Hanes is a well-known fitness junkie in the hunting world, striving to become the ultimate predator through his "lift, run, shoot" training program, but Davis is younger and looks pretty fit himself.

Watch the video to see who won this push-up contest.

Cam wins! 75 to 72, or does he?

Take a look at Davis' form and notice how he locks his elbows with each push-up. Now look at Cameron Hanes. Is he doing push-ups or just pop-ups?

If I'm judging this push-up contest, I'd give Cameron Hanes a 10% penalty for poor form, dropping his count to 67.5 push ups.

However, he'd also receive five bonus points for doing a push-up contest in cowboy boots, making him the winner by .5 push ups.

However you score it, these are definitely two rugged dudes.

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Push-Up Contest with Cameron Hanes [VIDEO]