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The Pursuit Shadow Pull On From The Original Muck Boot Company Can’t Be Denied

Add these Pursuit Shadow Pull On boots to your hunting gear arsenal, and you’ll see why they take the cake.

Everybody hears it all the time: put good thought into your hunting boots, and make sure you get a pair that satisfies what you need them to do.

It’s a vital aspect to any hunter’s gear collection, and the choice shouldn’t be taken lightly.

But you know that, and sometimes just want to cut through the clutter and have a good, quality pair of boots recommended that can just about do it all.

That makes the Pursuit Shadow Pull On from The Original Muck Boot Company an easy decision, and we’ve put in the experience (and the buck harvest) to prove it.


The Pursuit Shadow in Realtree Xtra look and feel like a good hunting boot should. They’re made of 5mm CR Flex-Foam with a Spandura® Upper and an Aggressive Rubber Outsole with Optimal Traction.

To put it simply, these things are heavy duty.


They’re fleece-lined without being too warm, are 100% waterproof, and are insulation-rated down to -40 degrees F.

To truly appreciate them, you’ve got to hunt in them, and hunt in not-so-great conditions. Our editor did just that, on a cold and rainy November hunt in Central Texas. Though the temperatures aren’t always that low, this particular day had ranges from 40-50 degrees F, enough to need something a little more substantial to stay warm.


During a chilly three-hour sit, our editor Eric noted the comfort and warmth of the Pursuit Shadow right away, and was setting his sights on a walk up a steep, wet hillside trail to see if he couldn’t encounter some of the deer that were likely hunkering down to stay out of the rain.

Sure enough, the boots were exactly what were needed. Eric said the trail would have normally had him leery, but that stability and grip of the Pursuit Shadow boots kept his eyes ahead and in the woods, instead of glued to the ground in front of him.


The rain didn’t get anywhere near entering the boots, and the waterproof capabilities held up as expected. The Original Muck Boot Company has made it a point to design and build these boots to live up to their wet and rain-fighting potential.

Eric made it to the top of the hill, as quietly as possible when covering rocky, muddy terrain, and saw a young buck following a couple doe into an open area. The rifle did the rest, and the Pursuit Shadow boots earned their first harvest on the feet of a deer hunter.

There’s no doubt they’ll earn plenty more.


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The Pursuit Shadow Pull On From The Original Muck Boot Company Can’t Be Denied