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‘Pure New Zealand’ Fishing Trailer [VIDEO]


As if we needed more inspiration to want to go New Zealand fishing, Catch Magazine has released an amazing trailer of what you can expect.

For anyone who loves the outdoors, New Zealand should be on your bucket list. But if for some reason you haven’t found a good enough reason to go before, maybe this “Pure New Zealand” fishing trailer will change your mind.

Check out the New Zealand fishing trailer and tell me that doesn’t look like something you would love to experience.

Makes you want to pack up right now and get on a plane to go do some New Zealand fishing doesn’t it? The good news is that New Zealand doesn’t require a VISA for United States citizens and there are flights leaving from the U.S. for under $1,000 round-trip this week.

So, what are you waiting for? This is the perfect time for a spring getaway to do some of the most amazing fishing in the world.

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‘Pure New Zealand’ Fishing Trailer [VIDEO]