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Pure Ingenuity: Use This Clever Trick to Get Unstuck [VIDEO]

A board, ratchet strap, and a lot of creativity save the day for these folks.

Dan Mengedoht of South Carolina posted a video on Facebook, which depicts a crafty way to get unstuck in a pinch. According to Dan, he got stuck in the mud "hundred of miles from nowhere."

Thankfully, with a little resourcefulness, he was able to come up with this little trick. Take a look at this method to get unstuck in a difficult situation.

It might be worth it to keep a couple of extra boards if you're headed deep in to the woods without another vehicle to pull you out. I wonder if these folks had the boards with them or if someone is missing a few sign posts...

Regardless, this trick looks like it saved the day to getting them unstuck.

This method might not be the best on the tires, so I wouldn't try this first, but this trick can at least be in you back pocket.

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Pure Ingenuity: Use This Clever Trick to Get Unstuck [VIDEO]