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Puppy Proves Poodles Are Great Bird Dogs [VIDEO]

This puppy is out to prove poodles make awesome bird dogs.

Most people don’t think of poodles as great hunting dogs.

However, this 10-week-old puppy proves poodles don’t mess around when it comes to bird dogging.


Poodles are actually bred for the field. They are one of the oldest working breeds, and their waterproof fur coat makes them great for hunting waterfowl. Their thick coat keeps them warm in winter too.

This little pup runs straight to the bird and brings it all the way back to the hunter like a champ. He might be small right now, but when this little guy grows to full standard poodle size, he’ll hunt with the best of them and make any hunter proud.

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Puppy Proves Poodles Are Great Bird Dogs [VIDEO]