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Puppy and Cheetah Cub Are the Best of Friends [VIDEO]

Kumbali is a cheetah cub and Kago is a Labrador puppy. Together they make the cutest duo probably in the world. 

Kumbali is a young cheetah cub that grew up at the Metro Richmond Zoo and was unfortunately rejected by his mother due to lack of milk.

Kumbali was then hand-raised by humans who decided he needed a four-legged playmate.

Kago, a Labrador mix, was introduced and what resulted was a magical animal friendship.

Zoos and rehabilitation centers have been pairing cheetahs with canine companions for the past 30 years.

Although it is not a natural companionship, the species seem to complement each other in captivity.

I’d say Kumbali and Kago definitely get along. Although, Kago does seem to steal a lot of Kumbali’s toys which lead to a few cheetah swats to that cute puppy face.

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Puppy and Cheetah Cub Are the Best of Friends [VIDEO]