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Bring in the New Year with the ‘Puppies With Guns’ 2015 Calendar [PICS]

Puppies with Guns/Facebook

Now you can have a calendar with your two most favorite things: Puppies and guns.

The Kickstarter campaign for the 2015 Puppies with Guns Calendar needs your donation. Puppies with Guns, or PWG, has been a side project of Ben Haulenbeek for a few years now. It started with two bored roommates, a new puppy and some Glocks. The rest is history.


The goal was to put some fine artillery paired with goofy puppies, resulting in photos with creatively polar extremes. And people loved them. It turns out a lot of people want pictures of their puppies with artillery.

Rarely do you see a Chinese Crested and a SPAS hanging out together in a tea room, and we thought that was wrong. Why shouldn’t cute little dogs and kick-ass guns be best friends?


The new 2015 calendar will be a culmination of four years of taking pictures of puppies with guns. If the campaign is successful, you can have a PWG calendar every year.

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Bring in the New Year with the ‘Puppies With Guns’ 2015 Calendar [PICS]