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Punching Grass Mats for Big Bass [VIDEO]


Learn some tips about punching through thick grass for a chance at some big bass!

While out bass fishing, most people try to avoid casting into thick weeds and grass. It usually ends with your lure getting tangled up while you tug and pull to break it free. With the right setup, you could turn the wheels of fortune and punch into some areas where big bass are on the hunt.

Bass tend to hide under thick grass mats for protection, shade, and the abundance of smaller fish they share these areas with. Tyler Anderson from TylersReelFishing demonstrates how to properly punch through these grass mats with some weights to draw these big bass out.

I am definitely one of those anglers who tries to avoid the thicker areas of the lake unless I am using an artificial worm or other weedless setup. After watching this, I am adjusting my attitude. There are a few areas with heavy cover that this technique will really come into play.

The next time you are out and the bass aren’t hitting like you want, try adding some weight and punching through that thick cover to find your trophy bass.

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Punching Grass Mats for Big Bass [VIDEO]