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Pump Action Slingshot Crossbow Packs a Serious Punch

This pump action slingshot crossbow is stronger than you’d expect. 

Slingshots are pretty cool to begin with, but when you add a rapid firing pump action slingshot into the mix, it gets a little nutty.

This slingshot expert has crafted a magnificent slingshot crossbow that any shooting enthusiast would want to try.

I was impressed with the power and accuracy of slingshot crossbow. This repeating slingshot crossbow fires 20mm steel balls and can be loaded with 20 rounds in just a few seconds.

blueprint of slinshot crossbow
The Slingshot Forum

After loading up the slingshot, all you have to do is pump and shot. After a little investigating, I came across a potential blueprint of the pump action slingshot crossbow.


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Pump Action Slingshot Crossbow Packs a Serious Punch