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Public Lands, America’s Greatest Treasures

Who are the real protectors of our public lands?

Public lands need to be protected by those who find them sacred. What is the future of America’s greatest public treasure?

Public lands were under attack when they were originally created and now, possibly more than ever, they are under attack again. Land is expensive because, like my grandfather used to tell me, “They aren’t making any more of it.” This video provides a solution to counter these attacks, and one that I believe to be the only solution.

As public land sportsmen, we don’t face merely one enemy in today’s age. We face a federal government which believes it should sell public land to help pay for the debt they create with poor decisions. We face state governments eager to get their hands on public ground so they can eventually do the same. We face a private business sector that that wants to exploit the lands for personal gain.

We face these enemies in a never-ending battle where the consequences include losing something we all love, cherish, and simply can’t replace.

I challenge all outdoorsmen, historians, and citizens that enjoy their right to see some of our country’s most incredible attributes to take time out of their day, read, and study the issues facing public land and help fight these issues.

Public lands can and will only be protected by public hands.



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Public Lands, America’s Greatest Treasures