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The Smartest Public Land Whitetail Tips and Tricks

Hunt public land? These tips will help you consistently kill deer.

Most hunters are like you and me: we don't have the luxury of a million-dollar plot of private land with habitat perfect for supporting abundant game animals.KCHO-mrec

No, instead we're left to hunt the public lands of this country, which, while great in their own rights, introduce a lot of pressure, company, and challenges.

Here are some pointers that can help battle the crowds and skittish deer, and set you on the path to success.

Go in Deep

The number one most important factor in finding success on public land remembering to get as far away from other hunters as possible. Public land hunters have a tendency to hunt within a few hundred yards of the roads or trails.

If you can get past obstacles that will stop others, such as rivers, lakes, or swamps, you stand a better chance at getting into some great deer hunting.

Hunters who utilize waders, canoes, or kayaks can get in to spots that are often as good or better than some private lands. Find a thick or swampy spot that most hunters will avoid and you are on the right track to finding a public land monster.

Kayaking for Deer. Photo Via

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Scout early and often

After you have worked hard to get to spots on public land, you should do some preseason scouting. Head into the area a few weeks before season to construct natural ground blind or hang a stand if permitted in your state.

Be very wary of scent control. Public land deer are not very tolerant of human scent.

Once rifle season starts to crank up, you may want to make sure your stands or blinds are still viable options. Deer often push deeper into hard to get places to avoid the cracks of hunter rifles.

Choose Your Days

Public land is often best during the week. Most hunters typically hunt the weekends. If you can manage to hunt during the week you stand a much better chance of shooting a nice buck. Always hunt off days.

A holiday during the week would most likely not to be the best day to see deer. Poor weather days are often a great time to hunt public land as well.

Hunt the Best Times

Get to your stand well before daylight. As hunters filter in from the road, they will most certainly push deer your way.

It is also a good idea to sit well into the early afternoon. As other hunters begin to move around they will push deer back towards you again.

Secluded Meadows Often Produce Big Bucks
Secluded meadows often produce big bucks.

Find Secluded Food Sources

If you can locate a secluded food source such as an acorn or apple crop you can be in for some great hunting. Deer will feel secure while feeding during daylight hours because they do not expect hunters to be that far into their area.

This is one of the best bets for killing a public land giant.

Above all, be diligent and smart, and you'll be able to use public land to your advantage.

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The Smartest Public Land Whitetail Tips and Tricks