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Public Land Duck Hunting: Tough As It Gets [VIDEO]

If you’ve done much duck hunting, you’ve likely spent some time hunting public ground.

Hunting public land offers, no doubt, some of the toughest, yet rewarding, hunts you’ll ever go on. Competition with other hunters can play a huge factor and in states like Missouri, you aren’t even guaranteed a spot each morning.

Duck hunting is one of the most expensive animals to pursue and public lands give many hunters their only opportunity to hunt. Duck numbers are on the decline as a whole, mainly because of a loss of habitat. Conservation areas like this offer a great place for birds to rest and refuel during migration and are key to survival of the species.

However, they offer great hunting opportunities at the same time when managed properly and hunted in the right fashion. Many states offer some form of hunting on their conservation areas, offering the best of both worlds.

While private land also plays a big role for waterfowl, we are losing land at an alarming rate. Whether you get an opportunity to waterfowl hunt on private or public, it’s a pastime that we should strive to carry on.

It’s our jobs as hunters to carry on our hunting heritage and remain the number one group of conservationists.

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Public Land Duck Hunting: Tough As It Gets [VIDEO]