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Arizona Predator Masters Convention Ends Amid Protests


Arizona predator hunter convention draws protesters, carries on as planned.

Animal rights activists protested the Predator Masters Convention, which took place Feb. 5-7 in Tucson.

Predator Masters, an organization comprised of predator hunters, has over 50,000 members. However, fewer than 100 attended the convention.

Protestors did show up, but there was little indication that it was anything more than a slight interruption, according to KGUN in Arizona.

The convention was held at the International Wildlife Museum in Tucson, Arizona, which is owned and operated by Safari Club International. The organization's website states their two primary purposes are, "...protecting hunter's rights and promoting wildlife conservation."

Predator Masters officials insist organized hunts and similar contests are not planned as official convention events.

A press release from the organization insists convention attendees who do hunt act as individuals and not as part of the convention. Additionally, the press release stated hunters must have appropriate licenses and abide by all applicable laws and regulations while hunting.

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Arizona Predator Masters Convention Ends Amid Protests