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Protestors Sabotage Deer Culling in Pennsylvania [VIDEO]

Deer culling in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania has begun and people are not too happy about it. 

The deer population in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania has gotten so out of control that a culling strategy has been established. The deer will be lured into a pen and shot.

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Since the culling pen has been built, protestors were caught sabotaging the plan by spraying a deer repellent around the trapping device.

Although people in Mt. Lebanon don't necessarily agree with the culling strategy, many agree that sabotaging the efforts is not the way to stop it. Protestors believe that something should be done about the deer overpopulation but the culling strategy is unethical.

Many are suggesting that euthanization would be a safer and more humane way to get rid of the deer. Shooting the penned deer leads people to fear for spread of disease and firearm accidents.

The perpetrators who sabotaged the culling pen were caught on camera and may be charged with trespassing and criminal mischief.

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Protestors Sabotage Deer Culling in Pennsylvania [VIDEO]