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Wolf Hunting Protestors Rally at Yellowstone

Wolf hunting protestors gathered outside Yellowstone National Park to voice their opinions.

According to a recent Reuters piece, about 150 protestors met to rally against American wolf hunting and trapping on Saturday, June 28.

The event was held at Montana’s northeast park entrance near Gardiner, to oppose the thousands of wolves who have been legally hunted, trapped or snared in the three years since they were removed them from the endangered species list.

Numbers stood at around 2,000 wolves in the Yellowstone and surrounding area when they were delisted, and now sit at 1,700.

Hunters and ranchers have argued that wolf hunting helps maintain and control their populations, and prevents dead livestock and big game animals like deer and elk than any other method.

The merits of legal hunting regulations will be debated for generations, and this is another example of the strong opinions many Americans hold when it comes to wolves in our country.

What do you think about the allowance of wolf hunting? Do we need it, or is there another way?


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Wolf Hunting Protestors Rally at Yellowstone