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Protesters Stand Against Ohio Hunting Preserve


Over 100 animal rights activists protested a hunting preserve on an old golf course.

Candywood Whitetail Ranch has already been approved by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to establish a hunting preserve on what used to be a golf course by the same name. But that didn’t stop protestors from rallying on the steps of the Vienna Township hall on April 4th, shouting comments and holding signs that read “Bred For Bullets” and “Fight For Animal Rights”.

The organizers established a Facebook Page, scheduling the event and giving parking instructions. Over 1,500 people were invited and 162 attended.

The protestors also voiced concerns over the safety of living in the vicinity of the preserve with one local saying “the direction that the bullets might be flying is really scary.”

Holly Justice organized the protest and calls the preserve “cruel and barbaric”. The group also spoke out against the preserve with chants of “Dying for a pathetic person’s ego” and “Killing for profit.”

Many local residents are in favor of the preserve. Some of these supporters also attended the protest, standing across from the activists holding signs that read “Yes for Candywood”.

The 271-acre preserve has followed every law and stipulation required of them and their mission statement includes that they will “strive to acquire education of wildlife management practices as well as protect non-game species.”



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Protesters Stand Against Ohio Hunting Preserve