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Protective Elephant Parents Overpower Wild Dog Pack


Check out the impressive display of protectiveness when two parent elephants chase off a pack of wild dogs.

Being a parent and being protective generally go hand in hand. That goes for both humans and many different types of animals. You can be sure that elephants are near the top of that list. The large land mammals often display very human-like traits when it comes to their fellow pachyderms and their offspring.

Their displays of aggression never drive the wild dogs too far away, but by the end of the video, the predators have given up and departed to look for less well-protected prey. Check out the video to find out what made the dogs realize this wasn’t a winnable battle.

A couple of African elephants are walking along with their young calf when they notice a large pack of wild dogs nearby. Knowing that such a large pack of wild dogs could easily overpower their calf if given the chance, the elephants spring into action. They rush at the canines while growling and trumpeting loudly.

Once the small group of elephants, including the calf, rejoin the herd on the ridge above the wild dogs, they are safe once again. A calf being protected by two elephants is one thing, but a pack of wild dogs isn’t usually desperate enough to try taking on a herd. All it would take is one landed blow from a trunk or foot for a wild dog to be down for the count.

The interactions of the wildlife that calls Africa home are some of the most amazing things to watch and this video is no different!


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Protective Elephant Parents Overpower Wild Dog Pack