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The Pros and Cons of Wearing Your Hunting Camo in Public [PICS]

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You wear corn stalks for ducks and oak trees for bucks. What about when you’re at the grocery store or a restaurant?

Should you wear your camo in public or reserve it only for hunting?

This question frequently divides the hunting community. Let’s go through the pros and cons and see which side you fall on.

Pro – If something needs to be fixed, you’ll be the first person anyone asks. Camo is instant get-it-done cred.

Con – The extra washings required from increased use will cause the pattern to fade faster.

Pro – Wearing camo decreases the odds anyone will want to start trouble with you, since you’re probably armed with some type of weapon.

The Feather Chick

Con – If something bad happens in your neighborhood, you know the TV reporter is going to want an interview with you.

Pro – By purchasing camo clothes, you’re also supporting the outdoor manufacturers who contribute to habitat and conservation efforts.

Con – The fabric picks up everyday odors, which may be difficult to wash out when it’s time to hit the deerstand. (You can find inexpensive home remedies to help like adding baking soda and borax to your wash.)

Pro – People will know, without a doubt, you are not a PETA member and you consume large quantities of meat.

Tim Kjellesvik

Con – The garment will wear out faster if it’s worn more frequently.

Pro – You’re making a statement through fashion: You support hunting and hunter’s rights.

Con – People will be shocked if you don’t have a southern accent, drive a pickup, or listen to country music.


Pro – Other hunters will be able to identify you, and you’ll get to trade hunting and fishing stories.

Con – You’ll have to hear the joke, “Hey, I can’t see your [insert body region covered by camo]. It’s invisible!” Hilarious.

Pro – Skip changing clothes and be instantly ready for a trip out to the woods to check a game camera or reposition a stand.

So, where did you land? Are you a daily wearer or do you reserve your camo for special occasions only?

Either way, it’s easy to see why so many of us love our camouflage, whether we tuck it away like a rare baseball card or parade around in it like a wearable billboard.

Camo is awesome…just ask Brad Paisley!

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The Pros and Cons of Wearing Your Hunting Camo in Public [PICS]