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Proposed Spearfishing and Bowfishing in South Dakota Draws Concern


A new proposal to allow spearfishing and bowfishing in South Dakota has some anglers worried.

If passed, this proposal would allow spearfishing and bowfishing in South Dakota year-round for most game fish.

Many are concerned about the damage these activities will have on the trout fisheries located in shallow streams and small lakes.

Ev Hoyt, a local angler, told reporters spearfishing could deplete larger fish and spawning fish in certain waters and hinder efforts to establish self-sustaining fisheries.

Proposal author, Bill Donovan told reporters, spearfishing and bowfishing in South Dakota are simply other ways to harvest fish and they will be properly regulated.

The proposal would make all game fish legal for harvest, except paddlefish and sturgeon, in South Dakota's inland waters. The Game, Fish and Parks Commission is expected to make a decision on the proposal later this month.

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Proposed Spearfishing and Bowfishing in South Dakota Draws Concern