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How To Properly Tickle Lobster [VIDEO]

Ever wondered how to tickle a Lobster? Here you go.

Thanks to this video posted by scubajohn87, we now know the proper technique to successfully tickle a lobster into a net.

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Here are the detailed and informative steps he gives us for tickling and catching lobster:

1. Install GoPro on Face

2. Dive your lard tail to the bottom

3. Locate Lobster within 5 seconds (or go wait in the car)

4. Properly Position Net and Tickler

5. Tickle His Happy Spot

6. Watch Him Flip Out (This reaction is because I have offended him)

7. Tickle Him Again and Close Net

8. Measure Him, Because Jail Sucks!

9. Return To Boat

10. Get Another Net!

11. Repeat!

Every state has different regulations for tickling and catching lobster, but all states require certain width or length limits, particularly of the lobster carapace, which is located right behind the head.

Each hunter is required to have a measuring device on him or her when catching lobsters; if a catch is not desired or does not mean size requirements it must be released immediately and without harm.

If you are looking into catching lobster, research your state and county's regulations and limits on the species.

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How To Properly Tickle Lobster [VIDEO]