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How To Properly Set Up Your Scope For Your Eye [VIDEO]

It is important to remember to set up your scope for your own eye, you may run into trouble if you don’t.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation | NSSF‘s Ryan Cleckner was a sniper in the U.S. Army Rangers as well as a sniper instructor. He has some great advice and some nifty tricks on how to you can set up your scope to your eye in order to ensure better success while on the range or in the field.

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Remember, setting up your scope to your own eye is an important step in the shooting process. If you don’t take the time to set up your scope, you may run into some inconsistencies even if you have a good zero.

Ryan Cleckner is a proven expert in the marksmanship community. He understands how rifles and scopes work and always offers great advice that is easy to understand in a sport that can be very complicated, especially at long ranges.

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How To Properly Set Up Your Scope For Your Eye [VIDEO]