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The Big Idea: Proper Trigger Pull and Dry Fire [VIDEO]

Trigger Pull and Dry Fire practice go hand in hand for proper control.

In this episode of Handgun 101 with Chris Cheng and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), Chris talks about proper finger placement, proper trigger pull and how Dry Fire is an essential piece to our practice. He also adds how it can naturally help smooth out our trigger control.


What’s one of the biggest things we keep reminding new shooters? Well yes, sight alignment, but also trigger pull.

Finger placement on the trigger is an important factor on how we control our trigger pull and control the direction of the gun. Too much and we risk dipping the muzzle or pulling the gun to the right (or left for southpaws). Too little and we can push the gun to the left (or right). This will put us off line at the target; a little miss at the muzzle will be a big miss at the target.

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The Big Idea: Proper Trigger Pull and Dry Fire [VIDEO]