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Proof That the New SWR Radius from SilencerCo is Worth It

The SWR Radius might seem intimidating, but it’s actually well worth the money and adjustments.

Who wants to see what SilencerCo is up to these days? Everyone with their hands up, check this out.

The company wants you to use their latest product instead of conventional ranging binoculars or working with a spotter, because it just makes more sense.

See what we mean by watching this video.

The time it took to complete the task was almost cut in half using the Radius, proving its power and capability.

From the video’s written description:

“The Radius is a rail mounted rangefinder capable of ranging out to a mile on a reflective target and attaching to a Picatinny rail in any orientation. When we first decided to create our own rail mounted rangefinder, we wanted something that would allow us to range out to incredible distances reliably without having to come off of the gun and without breaking the bank – and that’s exactly what we’re delivering.”

Yeah, that does make a lot of sense. We can see how something like this would be a huge advantage, even if there’s a slight learning curve and financial uptick to deal with.

All things considered, the price of the SWR Radius ($999.99) isn’t too outrageous, and it actually seems easier to use than a lot of optic technology coming out these days.



How to Use the New SWR Radius [VIDEO]

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Proof That the New SWR Radius from SilencerCo is Worth It