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Proof That Muskies Are Vicious Bass Eaters [VIDEO]

Muskies can be vicious attackers and these fishermen were lucky enough to capture it all on video.

These folks were fishing in Nestor Falls, Ontario when a muskie attacked a smallmouth bass and things got interesting.

Take a look at this intense fishing video.

This young angler was reeling in a smallmouth bass when all of a sudden a muskie swoops in for a meal. It’s amazing the sheer agility of a muskie that size.

According to the owner of the video, the camera card ran out of memory. The battle lasted over 15 minutes even though he was only running five-pound line. The muskie eventually got off, but the young angler was still able to land the 14-inch smallmouth bass.

The best part of fishing is the fact that you never know what might happen!

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Proof That Muskies Are Vicious Bass Eaters [VIDEO]