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Project UMPa Loompa: HK USC to UMP Conversion [VIDEO]


You may not be legally allowed to purchase a UMP, but you can convert one into your collection.

Thanks to numerous video games such as Call of Duty and Counter Strike, the UMP is easily one of the most recognized sub-machine guns today. Unfortunately for most we will never own one, unless you have the time, money, and know how to create something close for yourself.

In 1989 the USA prevented the importation of anymore non-sporting rifles, like the UMP, and made purchasing any that were already here a lot harder. That’s when ingenuity kicked in and people who couldn’t get their hands on an actual UMP decided to find a way to convert legal firearms into the next closest thing.

By taking a Heckler & Koch USC, swapping out a few parts, getting a little machine work done, and assembling it together anew, you can create your own civilian version of the UMP. The guys over at YouTube channel Chaos did just this, and after seeing it in action you are gonna want one.

Watching the smooth firing, light recoil, and amazing accuracy of this conversion really makes me want to shoot one myself.

If you have the time and money this UMP conversion would definitely be a cool project to invest in. This is something not a lot of folks will be able to do and would definitely draw heads at the firing range.

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Project UMPa Loompa: HK USC to UMP Conversion [VIDEO]