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Project Trail Cam: How to Make Sense in the Final Push for Season

Study your trail cam photos religiously to fully make sense of them before deer opener.

Can you believe it’s already August? Deer season is creeping closer and closer, and it’s about that time to make a final push to get ready for it.

Here’s how you can study your trail cam pictures to make sense of them before it’s time to go after that big buck.

1. Consistency of movement

Alex Comstock

There’s quite the difference between a buck showing up on camera once every three weeks, and one showing up once every three days. Bucks that show up more frequently are most likely a core buck, or a buck that lives on or near your property.

Focus your attention on these bucks more so than ones that aren’t as frequent. Bucks that show up less often, and don’t seem to be on any type of pattern have a different core area, and your odds of harvesting him are lower.

2. Nocturnal nightmare

Alex Comstock

If a buck does visit your trail camera site often, but it is exclusively under the cover of darkness, be smart at how you go about hunting him. I’d recommend not targeting a deer that you’ve never seen in the daylight, he may not show until possibly during the rut. Keep tabs on him though, and if he starts showing up in daylight, attack right away.

If you have a buck that consistently shows up just after dark, he could be a possible target during a major cold front as that could cause him to get out of bed just a bit earlier.

3. DeerLab


Patterning deer using wind direction, wind speed, location, etc. is a major way to make sense of your photos. If you know exactly when and where a buck is moving, your ahead of the game. Even if you think you’ve got it down, DeerLab can be an extremely helpful tool for you to fully make sense of your photos.

The software allows you to simply sync all of your trail cam photos, and it allows you to know down to the percent how often a buck moves and where based on the weather conditions, and location. This can really help clear up the picture when going over your trail cam photos.

Depending on where you reside, you have a month or two to fully make sense of your trail cam photos and put them to use to help you bag a big buck this fall. The more you learn in the final push for season, the more successful you will be.

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Project Trail Cam: How to Make Sense in the Final Push for Season