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‘Project Elk’: One Man’s Epic Quest to Take the Bull of His Dreams [VIDEO]

Project Elk invites us to join a hunter’s quest to connect on the bull elk he refers to as ‘The One.’

Jason Matzinger, of the “Into High Country” television series, reveals his dream to take the biggest and most challenging bull elk of his life.

This trailer for what is to be a larger film project of Matzinger’s journey beautifully sets the stage for his pursuit.

“Ever since I heard that very first bugle,” he says, “I have been absolutely hooked.”

The quality of this film project is sure to hook a lot more people as well.

We get to “follow along on his epic journey alongside one of North America’s most majestic creatures, the Rocky Mountain Elk. Throughout the changing of the seasons [we] will witness everything from the cruelty of winter’s grip to the majesty of the fall’s rut.”

Zing Outdoor Productions, “Into High Country” and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation are producing this film with the stated intention to educate hunters and the non-hunters alike “on the level of commitment we have for the hunt and the animals we pursue.”

That is an outstanding agenda, one worthy of every outdoor sportsman’s support.

“Hunting season only lasts a few months, but being a true conservationist lasts a lifetime.”

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‘Project Elk’: One Man’s Epic Quest to Take the Bull of His Dreams [VIDEO]