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Profile of the Hoyt Spyder Hunting Bow [VIDEO]

Hoyt Spyder bows

The Hoyt Spyder Series features innovative technology and uses friendly features that make it an accurate, forgiving bow worth considering.

The Spyder series from Hoyt has four models in the line ranging from from the 30-inch ZT to the 34.5-inch LD. In spite of the differences in axle-to-axle length these bow share common features. The brace height ranges from 7.5 inches in the longer models down to six inches in the 33-inch Turbo.

The Hoyt Spyder has a helical flex tuned hollow carbon riser and AirShox Suppression system. This is the strongest, lightest and quietest risers ever made by Hoyt. The XTS Pro Arc Limbs and Pro Lock Pocket system harness the speed and power that launches arrows from 330 to 350 fps depending on configuration.

The string stop, cable guard, arrow rest and grips are all well-thought-out with modern technological advances throughout.

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The Hoyt Spyder is available in black, Realtree Max, or Realtree Xtra or by custom order in harvest brown, American Heritage accents, pink camo, snow camo or half-and-half color schemes.

The draw lengths vary in approximately two-inch increments and the draw weight varies in 10-pound increments depending on the cams that are installed.

Any way you look at it, the Hoyt Spyder is a feature-packed bow full of advancements that is sure to please the 3D shooter and hunter alike.

Check out the Hoyt Spyder bows today!


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Profile of the Hoyt Spyder Hunting Bow [VIDEO]