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Professor on Quest to 3D Scan Every Fish Species on Earth

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A professor at the University of Washington wants to 3D scan every single species of fish in the sea.

What would you do with an extra $340,000? Probably not this.

Adam Summers, a professor at the University of Washington is using a $340,000 3D scanner on his quest to document every species of fish on planet Earth. Impossible, you say? Not so fast. Summers has been scanning fish since 1990. He believes it will take between two to three more years to complete the task.

Scientists like those on Summers’ team use the incredibly accurate models for studying the differences between the species. With the scan, life-size models of the fish or their skeletal systems can be produced using 3D printers.

3D Fish Skeleton
3D Fish Scan

So, what happens when he’s done? Summers has plans to compile a 3D scan of all remaining vertebrates on Earth. The team suggests there are another 50,000 vertebrates on earth after completing the collection of fish scans. This is a notably larger task to complete than the 25,000 fish species in the initial study.

All of the fish scans can be viewed as they’re made available at Open Science Framework. The high resolution scans are free to view and download.

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Professor on Quest to 3D Scan Every Fish Species on Earth