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Professional Hunter Killed By African Elephant in Musth [PICS]

A professional hunter killed by dangerous game is a fresh reminder of the dangers involved with hunting.

Earlier this week a post on shared news of the death of professional hunter Ian Gibson, who worked for Chifuti Safaris. According to the message, Gibson was killed by an elephant in Zimbabwe while guiding a hunt for a client, and died in what was referred to as a "very graphic" scene.



Here is the announcement from the talk thread:


Dear Chifuti Safaris clients,

It is with deep sadness to announce the passing of Chifuti Safaris professional hunter Ian Gibson. Ian was tragically killed by an elephant bull earlier today while guiding and elephant hunt in Chewore North (lower Zambezi Valley).

The details are just starting to emerge as we write this. However it appears that Ian and his client had been on the tracks of an elephant bull for approximately 5 hours when they decided to take a break and allow the client to rest. Feeling he was quite close to the elephant, Ian and his tracker Robert continued to follow the tracks in hopes of getting a look at the ivory as the client, stayed with the game scout to rest. Robert indicated the bull was in musk. They eventually caught up to the bull, spotting him at about 50-100 meters. The bull instantly turned and began a full charge. Ian and Robert began shouting in order to stop the charge. At very close range, Ian was able to get off one shot before the bull killed him. The scene was very graphic.

Ian Gibson was a fine man and one of the most experienced professional hunters on the African continent. He will be deeply missed by all...

We will provide more details as they become available

Tim and Dave

Safari Classics

Musth (or musk as it can sometimes be called) is an aggressive and often frenzied state related to the bull elephant's rutting season. It generally happens once a year.

Musth highly increases levels of testosterone, which can get up to 60 times their normal amounts in animals like elephants and camels.

The amount of condolence messages and remembered stories left in response to the announcement of Gibson's death proves the close-knit community established amongst professional hunters, especially in a time of increased distaste and harassment fueled by anti-hunting movements.

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Professional Hunter Killed By African Elephant in Musth [PICS]