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Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR: Versatile Apparel You Can Count On [PICS]

Alex Burton

Wrangler’s RIGGS WORKWEAR is built as tough as the men who should be wearing it.

One lesson you learn very quickly as an outdoorsman is the clothing you choose to wear outside is very important. You want something that is tough and will last through many years of the abuse, but be comfortable at the same time. This is a very tricky combination to find, but I believe Wrangler’s new RIGGS WORKWEAR may have found that happy medium.

They recently sent me their catalog and allowed me the pleasure of choosing some items to put to the test while I was out doing various activities, from bushcrafting to working at my everyday job in a factory. I chose the Ranger Pant both lined and unlined as well as their Twill Work Shirts.

I spent the last month wearing them as often as I could while doing as many tasks in them so I could to really get a feel for what I had on.


Ranger Pants

All of Wrangler’s RIGGS WORKWEAR pants come standard with “room2move” fit, leather reinforcement on right front pockets, brass zippers, 3/4″x 2 1/4″ belt loops, triple needle stitching, oversized watch pockets, 13″ deep front pockets, and reinforced back pockets.

Ranger Pant Specs:

  • 10 oz. 100% Cotton Ripstop Fabric
  • 1000 Denier CORDURA Fabric Lined Back Pockets
  • Reinforced Knees with Wide Dirt Drop Vent
  • Side Cargo Pockets with Flaps and Concealed Snaps
  • Right Side Hammer Loop
  • 3.75 oz. 100% Cotton Brushed Flannel Lining(Lined Version Only)

Let me start by saying how huge of a fan of Ripstop fabric I am. It is a military grade fabric used in various forms to create everything from hot air balloons to tents, backpacks, clothes, and more. The stuff is incredibly tough and anything made from it is going to last.

These Ranger Workwear pants are no exception, and I could tell from the second I pulled them from the packaging how much thought went into making sure they were able to take whatever abuse could be thrown at them. As you can see from the specs, they not only used tough fabric, but they reinforced anything they could and even went a step further with the triple stitching.

When they say room2move, they mean it. I am constantly bending over, crouching, on my knees, and sitting while out bushcrafting and repairing vehicles at my job. I never once felt constricted in any way, which is a big plus when you are on your knees for a while starting a fire and doing other tasks.


Another thing I loved right away after wearing them was the leather reinforcement on the right hand pants pocket. I always carry a pocket knife, and guess where I like to leave it clipped? I can’t tell you how many pairs of pants I have where the fabric is frayed from constantly clipping and unclipping my knife. I honestly feel like all men’s pants should come with this option.

Even with all the reinforcements and heftier fabric, the pants do not feel heavy while wearing them. That was my only worry when I hike around the woods and walk as much as I do at work, that was soon put to rest after the first few weeks of wearing them.

The lined version of the Ranger Pant is great for this time of year. I wore them a few times on early morning squirrel hunting and fishing trips when the temperatures where in the mid-40s and breezy. They more than kept my legs warm and at one point had me sweating, so there is no doubt they would be fantastic for when the weather really begins to get colder.


Twill Work Shirt Specs:

  • Relaxed room2move Fit with Side Gusset for Greater Range of Motion
  • 7 oz. 100% Cotton Twill
  • Peach Finished and Garment Washed for Softness
  • Button-Down Collat
  • Two Button Front Chest Pockets
  • Split Back Yoke
  • Two Button Adjustable Cuffs
  • Hidden Utility Loop


The room2move fit works just as well with Wrangler RIGGS shirts as it does with their pants. I could work in any direction I pleased with the shirt riding up little to none, which is a pet peeve of mine especially when working overhead.

The Twill fabric breathes very well for being a thicker button up shirt. The fabric has stayed soft even with numerous washing and does not feel rough against the skin, making them very comfortable to wear all day.

I really like the utility loop inside the front pocket to help keep items organized. I generally carry a pen light or ink pen on my person at all times while at work, and I know when I reach for it it will be there and not down inside my pocket.

The only real thing I didn’t like about the shirts was the collar. It fits snugly against your neck and you can feel it every time you turn your head. The same goes for the front if you have it unbuttoned, every time you turn your head to the side it rubs under your chin.

All in all I am highly impressed with the work that Wrangler has put into their RIGGS WORKWEAR clothing line. They really did look into what a hard working person out in the elements would want from their clothing and created it.

All photos by Alex Burton

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Wrangler RIGGS WORKWEAR: Versatile Apparel You Can Count On [PICS]