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Product Review: Sticky Holsters [PICS]

Sticky Holsters

Great for use in the waistband or for pocket carry, the Sticky Holster is an excellent option.

Are you looking for a new option for in the waistband (IWB) carry? Or are you looking for your first pocket carry holster? Have you considered Sticky Holsters for both options? Why not? You should. Sticky Holsters were primarily designed for in the waistband carry option that didn’t move and was simple to put on and take off. A lot of holsters on the market have clips or can move around a lot when doing day to day things and are hard to take off if the need arises. These holsters are the answer to fixing that problem.

Back in November of 2014, my wife bought my Christmas present a little early for me. She bought me the Ruger LC9s for use as a deep concealment and pocket carry gun. So of course, after buying a gun, you need a holster. The man behind the counter suggested the Sticky Holster for my needs. We found the one that fit the LC9s and for $24.95 for the holster, we took it and the gun home.

How it Works

Let me start off by saying I am not a fan of IWB carry. I find it very uncomfortable. But it does have its place and there are many people who find it the best option for them to provide deep concealment. I have tried it and used it on occasion, but prefer on waistband (OWB) or pocket carry. Either way, the Sticky Holster lived up to the hype.

I was worried that the times I tried it IWB, it would fall down and out of my pants since there was no clip on the holster. Not so. The Sticky Holster is made of a super non-slip material on the outside of the holster that keeps the holster in place. When using it for IWB carry, you place the holster and gun in your waistband and tighten your belt to a comfortable place. The non-slip material and the compression from your belt keep it in place and doesn’t let it slide.

I put it in my waistband, tightened my belt and the gun didn’t move all day. The nice part of the holster was, it allowed me to find a comfortable spot for the gun and I was able to wear it comfortably on a drive from Gatlinburg, Tennessee to home, which was about four hours. I forgot it was there at times.

Pocket Use

As I mentioned, I prefer pocket carry, especially in the winter when I have a bigger jacket on. The Sticky Holster does that too! Whether in your coat pocket or jeans pocket, the Sticky Holster works just like any other pocket holster to protect the trigger and gun from going off. However, should the need to draw arise, the Sticky Holster’s non-slip surface comes into play yet again.

As you draw, the surface grabs onto the inside of the pocket, holding the holster in place as you pull the gun out. This allows you to not have to worry about fighting to get the holster off the gun. This makes it very easy to deploy your gun from your pocket in a fight. It’s not the fastest way to draw, but the gun is in a holster in your pocket.

Final Verdict

After using the Sticky Holster for a number of months now, I have to say I am very impressed with it and love it. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an IWB option or pocket carry option. I use it practically every day.

In fact I was so impressed by it, my wife bought one for her Ruger LCP at the NRA Annual Meetings a few weeks ago. At the booth they asked me if I had used one and in answer I dug my LC9 and Sticky Holster out of my pocket to show them. They were very happy to see me using it.

If you are looking for an option for IWB Carry or pocket carry, this is the answer to your quest. I would highly suggest taking a look at these holsters. They have one that should fit any of your guns and needs.

The holster that I use for my LC9s is Model number MD-1 Sticky Holster.

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Product Review: Sticky Holsters [PICS]