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Problem Black Bear is “Out of Chances” in Colorado [VIDEO]


A female black bear to be put down if caught in contact with humans again

Colorado authorities are on the hunt for a troublesome black bear mother.

Bear No. 317 has been causing big problems in Boulder, and if she’s seen again, it could cost her life.

ABC 7 News reports that Wildlife Officials say the bear will be euthanized if caught in too close of contact with humans again. Plans are currently to take her cubs to a rehabilitation center before releasing them in the mountains.

The problem bear is just one of many that made headlines all summer in Colorado. Another troublesome bruin made headlines in July after it was tranquilized and fell out of a tree. More recently, far to the south of Boulder, a hungry cub made headlines across the nation when it snuck into a pizza place for a snack.

Hopefully this troublesome mother can avoid further run-ins with the law!

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Problem Black Bear is “Out of Chances” in Colorado [VIDEO]