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How Do You Reel In a Bald Eagle with a Fishing Pole? [VIDEO]

Here’s a short but awesome video; watch what happens when this guy catches a bald eagle with a fishing pole.

You’re out on the lake, casting a few lines, when you feel that familiar tug on the other end of your line. You’ve got a fish on, and the fun begins.

High in the sky, someone is watching you, and wants that fish.

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This YouTube video uploaded by user Norman Dreger describes the scene: while reeling in a Dolly Varden Char, an unsuspected predator shows up, eager to take advantage of this seemingly easy meal.

Watch to see what happens next:

It happens so fast, we’ll go ahead and let you watch it again.

The sound of the line being ripped out of the reel rivals that made by any sized fish, that’s for sure.

Would you have started reeling in, or been so shocked you couldn’t react, similar to this guy?

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How Do You Reel In a Bald Eagle with a Fishing Pole? [VIDEO]