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Pro Tip: Weak Hand Pistol Shooting [VIDEO]

Sometimes you just have to shoot weak-handed.

There are times, both in competition and self-defense you may need to shoot weak-handed. In competition, the course of fire may call for it or in a self-defense situation, you may not have use of your strong hand. So practicing and getting used to shooting with your weak hand is an important skill to practice.

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In this video from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), pro shooter Doug Koenig gives us some tips about transitioning the gun and lining up your shot for a weak-handed grip.


As you can see, the most dangerous part is the transition from your strong hand to your weak hand, especially from the holster.

In IDPA, there have been many times the course of fire has asked for me to shoot weak-handed. I am going to practice these tips because I always tend to slow down and fumble a little bit establishing my grip.

Always practice these skills before you need them. There is no substitute for dry fire practice.

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Pro Tip: Weak Hand Pistol Shooting [VIDEO]