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Pro Tip: Shooting a Spinner Target [VIDEO]

Round and round it goes, but can you hit a spinner target? Well, no one knows.

For some competition shooters, the bane of their match lives is the spinner target. Not only does it move towards and away from you, timing can be everything when shooting it. Keeping a proper cadence is important to in shooting it as well.

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In this video from Freedom Munitions, Janna Reeves, MissBattleBorn herself, takes some time to talk strategy and beginner tips for shooting the spinner target.

As demonstrated by Janna, timing is everything when shooting this target. That and patience. Shoot too soon and you will miss the target. Too late and you will waste all the energy of the shot in the target face.

Take your time and practice shooting the spinner and it could be the best target you shoot at your next competition.

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Pro Tip: Shooting a Spinner Target [VIDEO]