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Pro Tip: Draw and Emergency Reload [VIDEO]


Here’s how the draw and an emergency reload looks like.

During a lot of our live fire training, we focus on actually using the tool in our hand. We practice the fundamentals like sight alignment, trigger control, even stance and grip. But how often do we practice the draw and the emergency or slide lock reloads? Do you practice getting to your gun and keeping it running?

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In this video from Instructor and TV Host Mike Seeklander of Shooting Performance, we get a slow motion look at how a draw and emergency reload should look from concealment.

As you can see from this video, as long as you are smooth and focused, the slide lock reload and draw are very simple to do. These are both things that you can practice in Dry fire and live fire sessions.

At home, you can stand in front of a mirror and practice the draw stroke. Start slow and work your way through each step. A you get more comfortable with your draw, speed up. Watch that you don’t muzzle your weak hand as it comes up to meet the gun.

To practice emergency reloads, you can run the 1+1 Reload Drill in live fire sessions. This drill let’s you practice reloads from slide lock.

Either way, these are both things that should be practiced to be proficient at.

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Pro Tip: Draw and Emergency Reload [VIDEO]