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Pro Tip: Choosing a Concealed Carry Gun for Women [VIDEO]

Women need a carry gun that works for them.

Women and men are different in many ways. They don't necessarily do the same things the same way. So why would a woman carry a gun the same way as a man? Sure, there's no reason they can't, but due to fashion and lifestyle sometimes carrying a 1911 is not feasible. So a woman needs to choose a carry gun that will fit her daily life. Be it a pocket gun for a purse for a full-size Glock, a woman needs the chance to figure out for herself what she needs in a carry gun.

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In this video from Babes with Bullets, Camp Director Deb Ferns and Instructor and Competitive Shooter Kay Miculek take some time to present ideas and alternatives for women who want to carry a handgun.


As you can see, the options are varied, but it all boils down to the fact that a woman needs to choose the gun that fits her the best. While a man can help, they need to allow the lady to choose her pistol for herself.

And men, a woman can carry and use anything she wants. Stop trying to make them only carry a .38 Special revolver.

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Pro Tip: Choosing a Concealed Carry Gun for Women [VIDEO]