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Pro Tip: How to Avoid Getting Disqualified in a 3-Gun Competition [VIDEO]

Here’s what not to do when you don’t want to go home early.

There is nothing worse than having to go home early from a competition because you were disqualified. You spent all that money to register, booked a hotel room, drove all this way, spent weeks practicing and then you get disqualified because you flipped the muzzle of your pistol a little too far and broke the 180-degree rule. It is such a huge disappointment and also a little embarrassing. You knew better than that!

In this video, Iain Harrison, winner of the first season of “Top Shot” and editor of “Recoil” magazine, takes some time to share what not to do and how not to get disqualified.

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Disqualifications can happen, even to the best of us. We have all been sent packing at one time or another from a competition, and it stings. However, if you learn from your mistakes and don’t fall victim to them again, you are better off.

Simply by paying attention and being aware of what is going on around you, you will be able to spend the day shooting and playing on the range.

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Pro Tip: How to Avoid Getting Disqualified in a 3-Gun Competition [VIDEO]